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About Us

About Us


Global Network Consulting Ltd ("GNC") is a consultancy firm based in London, UK.

We have offices in Tel Aviv and two other European Officer

We also have a number of leading partner companies we work with worldwide.

With our international network, we work together to provide solutions to your business challenges, be it company formation overseas, bank account opening, asset management and protection amongst others.

Why Us?

Our main aim is to provide concrete and affordable solutions that help clients achieve maximum benefits, while reducing their expenses.
• Experienced offshore and global solution experts
• Confidentiality
• Personal approach
• Global - covering from Europe to Asia

Our professional team always assess all the risks, if any in any type of solution that we propose and that information is always provided to the customer so that they can take a clear decision.

We have the experience, resources and technical skills to find realistic solutions to complex problems for both private and corporate clients, and as an added-value partner to professional intermediaries.

Our team speaks several languages such as English, French, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Your confidentiality is important

Our professional reputation and integrity, developed over several years, is based upon mutual trust; triggered by our highest ethical standards. This would mean that we need to be professionally independent in all the work we entertain and treat all clients' information in the strict confidence.

• Our website is completely secure. Our websites is encrypted using SSL 128 bit certificate encryption.
• Our IT infrastructure at our offices is secured at the highest level, in order to prevent any external as well as internal unauthorized intrusion.
• Our customer database containing confidential data or personal data of our customers is strictly confined to our offices.

Download our Terms of Business and Client Engagement Procedures.